Friday, September 12, 2014

A CUSD Performing Arts Center?

                                                           FIRST POSTED MAY 2012

Where Past and Present Collide
What will the remaining bond money be used for: a performing arts center, or …..?
This very question will be raised at the next school board meeting on May 15. (The topic was added to the agenda on May 9th as an addendum).

Clearly some thought must be applied to this difficult decision. What is the right thing to do at this juncture in the road? Who has a say in this important issue? Is it up to the superintendent and the school board? Is this decision going to be made with out the educational communities’ thoughts, ideas, and input?

There really is a lot at stake: take the remaining bond money and build a “shell” for a Performing Arts Center (until more funds become available)… or replace the aged portables at JLE (as was done at Toyon)? That really is the ultimate question: should the last remaining bond money be used for a Performing Arts Center … or applied to facilities (classrooms--that people occupy daily) to assure current occupancy and health standards?

The argument could easily be made that the current issues concerning deferred maintenance and aged portables at JLE appears to easily override any desire or need of a Performing Arts Center. Personally, it appears criminal to put a “shell” of a Performing Arts Center ahead of the health and safety of students, teachers, and support staff.

If erecting a partial performing arts center is looking with hope to the future, then I stand against the idea. In my eyes the future is brightest that gives hope to the removal (and replacement) of the aged portables at JLE. The collision of past and present is upon us.

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