Monday, September 3, 2012

Mold in Your School?


Mold in Your School?

There is a protocol when mold is found in a school building (particularly in a classroom). Rooms #51 & #53 at Jenny Lind Elementary have been closed due to moisture and mold .... But were the parents and local school community made aware? Unfortunately, they were not. The children were sent home ... but no contact was ever made with the parents; they were never informed. How can parents protect and advocate for their children if they are left in the dark on such major issues? It makes you wonder what else might be hidden behind the scenes at JLE and CUSD. 
Jenny Lind Elementary, April 2012

Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings
Appendix C - Communicating with Building Occupants

Mold in Schools:
Special communication strategies may be desirable if you are treating a mold problem in a school. Teachers, parents, and other locally affected groups should be notified of significant issues as soon as they are identified. Consider holding a special meeting to provide parents with an opportunity to learn about the problem and ask questions of school authorities, particularly if it is necessary/advisable to ensure that the school is vacated during remediation. For more information on investigating and remediating molds in schools, refer to EPA's IAQ Tools for Schools Action Kit .

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