Thursday, August 28, 2014

Maintenance Logs (for classrooms, not fish tanks)

-First Posted April 2012-

* If Fish Tanks were Classrooms ....
* a number of aged portable classrooms at JLE date back to 1988
(still with original carpeting ... and no on-going record of maintenance or HVAC service)

which tank

...would you want your child to spend their school day in?


Don't wait until the water is cloudy and murky.
Don't wait for the fish to be lethargic and slow. 

Fish (like school children) are healthier and happier (and learn better) when their tanks--classrooms--are repaired, maintained, and serviced on a regular basis.

There is obviously a lot of responsibility that comes with having a fish tank (or a school district)--(precious lives--schools of little fish--depend on and trust in you--the tank owner to make wise and healthy choices concerning maintenance, repair, and on-going HVAC service)

To request--and inspect--Maintenance logs (for classrooms, not fish tanks)  contact:

CUSD District Office:
P.O. Box 788,  3304 Hiway 12 #B,
 San Andreas, Ca. 95249          (209) 754-2300

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