Saturday, February 15, 2014

Deferred Maintenance Leads to Neglect

There is always a cost for procrastination, but there is even a greater price to pay for deferred maintenance and neglect. Because of neglect, procrastination, or deferred maintenance there are currently 2 classrooms closed at Jenny Lind Elementary school due to findings of moisture and mold. These are portable classrooms: #51 and #53. Both classrooms have been closed since early Jan. 2012. Room #52 (sandwiched between 51 & 53) is still being used but has been identified as having moisture issues. It is just a matter of time before #52 (a 24 year old portable) will also be closed. None of these rooms are noted in the JLE 2011-12 SARC Report as needing repair or maintenance; by law they should have been. JLE should not have earned a “Good” standing: (see JLE SARC--Section IV School Facilities).

If you spend a little time on the JLE campus, you can easily see that functional maintenance has been deferred (or put on hold). This is probably and primarily due to a few things (all related to money, time, and inadequate training). If you look at the pictures currently posted at you can decide for yourself if maintenance is being performed at a safe and adequate level. If pictures are not enough, let me share that my wife is not the first teacher to become severely ill or hospitalized from time spent in portable classrooms on the JLE campus. Portables #51, #52, and #53 have sent teachers to the hospital before; they have a known history of causing severe health issues.
Because of the stigma that currently comes with the word "mold,” I believe the Valley Springs community and the parents of Jenny Lind students have not been alerted or informed of these “unoccupiable” and “unsafe” portables. The parents, however, do need to be aware so they can make informed choices concerning the health and well-being of their children. Is this as serious as I make it out to be? Let me direct you to the evidence and you make your own decision. Please don't take my one sided view as your own. Remember, this is personal to me: my wife left Jenny Lind Elementary in an ambulance.
In the mean time, students and teachers spend hours and days in classrooms that may (or may not) be adequately and or safely maintained. It's really a kind of Russian roulette. The only maintenance being done is when an emergency or health risk arises--not out of any systematic or trackable protocol.
The CUSD Superintendent refused to meet with my wife concerning her classroom issues; she asked for a meeting and he agreed to gather the needed administrators. Instead of meeting with her he quickly (within 3 days) terminated her (non reelect for the following year). For the record: the Special Education students remain in room #61 to this day.

For more information concerning these maintenance, moisture, and mold issues at Jenny Lind Elementary go to  There is also a link at this site to view current photos and conditions of the classrooms and portables at JLE. Information provided by Allen Lujan—April 17, 2012

To request Maintenance logs and/or records contact:
CUSD District Office:
P.O. Box 788
3304 Hiway 12 #B
San Andreas, Ca. 95249          (209) 754-2300

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